Xavi was born in a wonderful town called La Garriga, in Barcelona.
This whole story began when my parents, in July 2009 and by chance of life, listened to a friendship, the children of which they advertised, and they thought about the possibility that both my sister Ariadna and I, Xavi, We went to an agency called Salvador. In this way it was the beginning of these last almost 6 years.

In 2010, Xavi made its first spot with Chocolates Valor and an LG campaign, in addition to spots with BMW, Lidl International, Imaginarium …
He combined all this with fashion for television and catalogs such as El Corte Inglés, for pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott, insurance companies such as Macif and presentation to Matins de TV3.

From 2011 until now, he made spots for MSC Cruises, Nocilla, Sanofi, 3 with Decahtlon, 20 with Lidl International, 5 with European Lidl, Actimel UK, 3 with Actimel Spain, 3 with Nesquik, Leroy Merlin, Cristamina, Audi RS6, Eminence, La Cook with Martina Klein, Babybel, for airlines such as Transavia or EasyJet, Cecco, Allianz, Le Meridien, Kobaltry, Aegon, Argal, MediaMarkt, Samsung and the Galaxy S6 model, the 20th Anniversary of Port Aventura. ..
In fashion, he has worked on several catalogs, 3 campaigns for Bóboli, 2 campaigns for Bambolina, Al Solete, Little Pieces, Hugo Boss, Condor, Rubio Kids, Desigual, Conguitos and Tuc Tuc. He has paraded for 080 Barcelona Fashion, by Condor, by Bóboli, Magical Day, Hortensia Maeso, FIMI, Desigual …

For publishers he has done 2 campaigns with Petit Style. He participated in the calendar against the cancer of TV3 in 2014. Presentation of image of companies for Macif two seasons, Gran Via 2, Decathlon, Abbott and two campaigns for Imaginarium. Participation in video clips of Kropstop and Rose Avalon.
He has participated in the first chapter of the series of fiction Kubala Moreno Manchon of TV3. Cast member in the film All I See is you, by Mark Foster, with Blake Lively and Jason Clarke.
Currently working on several projects before the end of 2015.